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My name is Kyla and I run a small home-based operation from PA specializing in selling and breeding Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum, Mexican Walking Fish). They are unique and beautiful creatures that make wonderful additions to any home! 

Types of


Types of Axolotl

Wild Type

Wild: a combination or mixture of blacks, greens, grays, and olive coloring


Lucy -Leucistic (pink)

These "Pink" Axolotls have a very light even pale pink color with dark gills.


Melanoid (Mel)

White Albino/Golden

The White Albino has a white body with no specs or freckles, with red or dark gills. the Golden is the same but instead of purely white, they have a golden yellow body.

From high pigmentation, these have a dark nearly black body. Most have Black gills with hints of purple or red. 



A unique color variation that looks like spots. Typically they are white, gray, and black. These are harder to find but have adorable cookies and creme colors.

GFP-Green Fluorescent Protein

This beautiful GFP (glow under blue light) Axolotl can occur in any of the previous types of Axolotl giving them an extra flare!



These lack of pigment Axolotls have red eyes with a light pink almost white body and matching pink gills

Melanoid Axanthic Copper (MAC)

These chocolate bar colored Axolotls have a unique brown body pigmentation with darker gills with hints of purple or red.


Other terminology:

Iridophores - Shiny reflective pigment

Xanthophores - yellow/orange pigments

Melanophores - Black pigment

Lighteningbug and Firefly- are only scientifically produced and I do not carry them

Mosaic- very rare expensive Axolotls that have two different types merged together 




By ordering an Axolotl through KB Axolotl you agree to all of our Policies and conditions. Please do research before getting an axolotl, because after they are shipped to you there are no refunds or exchanges, unless DOA. They require special conditions, ie: cooler water conditions and a specialized diet. I DO NOT SHIP TO illegal states: California, Maine, New Jersey, and New Mexico, or anywhere outside the continental United States if you place an order and are located in an illegal state no refunds will be given whatsoever. 


​I only ship Reptiles Express using FedEx (unless otherwise requested) and the boxes will not go out on weekends due to potential shipping delays. I ensure the postal service is aware of the precious babies in the package by writing live fish on the outside and indicating special instructions when need be. If a package is lost or delayed longer than the expected date the post office is in charge of any losses and you will need to take it up with them yourself.

DOA- (Dead on Arrival) If by slim chance your Axolotl is dead on arrival I will need clear images and videos of the Axolotl(s) from you for confirmation within 2 hours of them being dropped off by the mailing company. Please make sure you are able to be home when the Axolotl is expected to arrive. If anything is delayed after I take them to the post office for shipment that is now in the hands of the post office and I am not liable for any damages or delays they may cause. If the Axolotl is pronounced dead then I will be able to either refund the price of the Axolotl (shipping not included) or ship another Axolotl (depending on stock and case-specific).


I reserve the right to change shipping dates or orders if I believe the Axolotl will be endangered in any way. I do not accept returns, refunds, or underage buyers. All advice given is from my researching and self-experience and I would like to note I am not a veterinarian and you should verify anything someone says with credible sources. I personally like to use or the forums on if you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to me via FaceBook messenger or email.

Facebook Page:

Instagram Page: KbAxolotl



Located right outside Harrisburg Pennsylvania and willing to ship in proper conditions to legal states (see policies) :) 

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